Monday, November 5, 2012

Books, books, books....

Hi friends!
In June I purchased a Kindle because I knew I'd be traveling a lot and I didn't want to watch tv all the time in the hotel rooms. I've been very successful in reading multiple books. I thought I'd give you a quick overview of all the books I've read. Just in case you're looking for a new book to add to your library.

1. The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
     I found it frustrating that it took so long for excitement to happen.
2. Catching Fire Suzanne Collins 
     Much better than the first one but I was a bit confused during some sections of the book.
*3. Mocking Jay Suzanne Collins
     *I actually haven't finished this one because it's sooooo boring!*
4. Fifty Shades of Grey Series E.L. James
     I didn't find the hype that everyone else had. I just think Christian is so mean! However I did read the entire series so there must have been something good about them.
5. Beautiful Disaster Jamie McGuire
     I have read this book twice. It's one of my favorites so far because it reminds me of college. It's my top recommendation
6. Slammed Colleen Hoover
     This is a good easy read that keeps you turning pages.
7. Point of Retreat Colleen Hoover
    The second book of the Slammed series and I found it just as good as the first book.
8. Reason to Breathe Rebecca Donovan
    A sad book about what any teen can be experiencing.
9. Barley Breathing Rebecca Donovan
   Continuing the series, this book keeps you on your toes waiting to find out what's going to happen next.
10. Unlovable Sherry Gammon
    I am on a trend for picking books that have sad plots but I always am hoping for a good ending. So, again this book is great and another easy to read. The best part, it's only book 1 of 3...this lady needs to get writing.
11. Wild Montana Sky Debra Holland
     This is the first of the Montana Sky series and I found it delightful because it takes place 1800's and of course I love it even more because it involves Montana.
12. Starry Montana Sky Debra Holland
    Book two is great because it plays off the first book so it's not picking up from where book one left off it's adding onto the story.

I'm currently reading the last book of the Montana Sky series called Stormy Montana Sky. I look forward to finishing the book because it's heart felt and all about love.

Are you reading any good books? Any suggestions?

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Happy Friday my friends!

It's time for the weekly flip. I think you know the situation but here's a refresher if you forgot. First I'm going to flip off the things that haven't been the best this week then I'll flip on the good things.

FLIP OFF American Eagle jeans that are supposed to stretch. How many of you do sumo squats in the morning to stretch your jeans? Okay, I admit to gaining a few pounds but these suckers are supposed to stretch! gaining a few pounds. I take total responsibility and I'm frustrated with myself. Halloween candy. That's one of the reasons for the above issue. people at Sissy Poo's job who are not nice to her. Leave her alone people, she's just doing her job! not being ready for my race tomorrow. Again, my fault for being lazy. the couch surfer who has taken up residence at our home. Get you own house fool!

FLIP ON those amazing ladies I workout with. Encouraging to the max! my half marathon tomorrow. I may die but I WILL cross that finish line. my new car! Beep Beep! Don't fret Clark is still around, I'll be donating him to my brother, I just have to drive Clark to Oregon. bonding with new SAR members. When you ride in a vehicle with them for 3 hours, you get to know a lot about them. my boss who was equally excited for Beep Beep! Only because he hates Clark (or he's jealous of Clark.) purple in my hair. I just wanted to spice things up a bit. the Bobcat football game tomorrow and being able to watch it here in I.F. being social and having friends.

That's all for this week. I hope you all have a safe but fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Confessions Halloween Addition

 Hi Friends! Happy Halloween!! Today I decided to do a lighter confessions post and try to stick to the Halloween/Spooky theme.


....that I am sad I can't find my bat headband my mother gave me. It's simply amazing.
...that I L-O-V-E handing out candy because the little costumes are super cute!
...that Lane and I have eaten one GIANT bag of candy already. 
...that my two favorite Halloween costumes were being a Girl Scout and Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter.
...that being a hobo was one simple yet creative costumes that my mother came up with. That and the ladybug. family was huge into recycling Halloween costumes between us kids.
...that I still feel bad my poor father had to pull us in the sled because there was usually snow on the ground. WAY to GO HE-MAN! 
...that I am totally okay with giving my kids pillow cases as their candy bags. 
...I can't wait to dress up my children in crazy costumes until they realize they have a choice.
...that I'm wearing Halloween themed socks with capris. No fashion statement here today.
...that I'm bummed we didn't carve pumpkins this year. 
...that I attempted to wear orange and black eyeshadow this year. Again with the fashion statement. Nope!
...that I fully support adults who dress up for Halloween.
...that I hate scary movies. 
...this I want a caramel apple. Maybe I'll make some tonight.
...that I enjoyed trick-or-treating with my family because we were the only kids on the block so we got a lot of candy.

I think that's all for now. I hope you all have a safe yet very fun Halloween!

Happy Wednesday!           

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just another manic Monday

Hi Friends,

My alarm goes off at 6:00am giving me time to hit snooze until 6:30. This morning I swear I only hit snooze 3 times and the forth time my alarm wasn't shutting off. Then I realized it was Lane's alarm. Fantastic! He set his for 6:30! I then glanced at my phone and it was 7:10! Mind you, I leave my house at 7:30....that doesn't give me time to do anything but it was necessary for me to shower. (and make coffee, and feed the cats, and blow dry my hair) So this is how it went:
7:11 in the shower
7:20 out of the shower
7:22 running into the kitchen scantily clad
7:22:30 scoop the cat foot into their bowls
7:22:40 starting coffee
7:25 dressed like a fool
7:27 freak out because it's almost time to go and I don't have my hair done or my makeup on
7:27:03 blow dry hair while putting lotion
7:32 slam blow dryer down sprint to Lane saying "I love you but I'm really late"
7:33 grab makeup, straightener, and gym bag
7:33:50 grab whatever I could find in the fridge for lunch and my MUCH NEEDED coffee
7:35 say bye to the kittens and rush out the door
7:36 almost run over the neighbor kids because they were in my blind spot
7:40 think "oh my gosh, I just got 80% ready in 20 minutes!)

Then I arrived at work, plugged in my straightener and finished getting ready.

And that's how I started my day...

Hopefully you don't have a Manic Monday.

*SIDE NOTE: I'm sending positive vibes to those in the East. I hope Sandy doesn't cause as much damage as they expect.*

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flipping good Friday

Good morning Friends. Let's get right to this. Link up with these gals (Prairie Princess and Princess of the Panhandle) and lets do some flipping!

FLIP OFF leeches. Find someone else who wants you to cling to them. my pesky tire. I know it has a nail in it but I am too busy to get it fixed right now. Just keep holding that air. laziness. my face that is breaking out. (That would be from the Halloween candy that Lane opened and I had a hard time saying no to eating it) gas prices! Come on people! Sandy. Why don't you twirl your way away from the East Coast?

FLIP ON getting my hair done tonight. girls night tonight. getting our first snow. Mind you it's all gone but there are rumors it snowed 14 inches in the mountains. WOOP! WOOP! awesome friends that cheer me up. starting my Christmas shopping early. having a min-vacay this week. shooting guns tomorrow for SAR. still being in the race for owning "the silver bullet" my Lane Frost who basically rocks my world. my crafty skills for the guest bedroom. I'm soooo excited to show you all the finished product.

That's all folks! Have a great Friday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Flip

Hi Friends!
It's finally Friday. Please link up with Prairie Princess and Princess of the Panhandle to partake in this weekly event of flipping of the bad and flipping on the good.

FLIP OFF: my crappy mood this week. chocolate cake. laziness. my lack of patience. my inability to get up on time. not running enough for my half marathon in three week. Oops!

FLIP ON: "my babies" being home. AKA the cows are back from the mountains. spending time with my girl friends last weekend and this weekend. possibly painting the guest room. (I really want to get this done but the babies need to be vaccinated) my trainer who likes me no matter what happened with my diet. the flavor Pumpkin Spice. It's in beer now! Even better! finishing ANOTHER book. Wild Montana Sky it's a good read. Lane Frost who is always laughing at me saying I'm silly.

That's all folks. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bovine Waste Relocation Service

Hi Friends,

Fall is here and there are a lot of things that need to be done around the farm before the snow starts falling. One of the most important things is bovine waste relocating aka hauling manure. This is very important because the cows are usually at the farm for roughly nine months. When the animals defecates multiple times a day for nine months in a corral, things start to pile up quickly. After the cows are all gone and Lane has finished with harvest he starts to make GIANT piles of poo in order to start his relocation service. Let me go through the steps with you:

1. Make multiple piles of steaming poo

2. Don proper foot attire prior to going to the farm

3. Prep the ever-so-fancy loader for some super scooping

4. Have your good-looking boyfriend (Lane Frost) jump into the loader and get that poo-spreading truck loaded properly.
5. Plug your nose and continue to take multiple pictures of the loading process.

6. Once loaded, stare in awe of how good this poo truck looks full! Don't mind the overflow.
7. Start the slow drive to the corn field to start the spreading process. Once in the field, use this unit to control how fast the beaters go to "toss" the poo on the field.   
8. Watch out the window as the poo coats the field and try not to be thrown out the window when you hit the pivot track.
 9. Make Lane stop AGAIN to take more pictures.

 10. Get excited when you find corn left in the field.

11. Finish spreading the load then head back for another round.

12. Shoot....stop one more time on the way back to feed the corn to these grumpy bulls! (sorry the picture is blurry, he was so excited he wouldn't stand still. He's even drooling)

13. Slow production down once more to take enough pictures to last a lifetime. 

14. Lastly: Tell Lane you love him and thanks for letting you spend some QT with him at the farm.

That's all! Have a good Thursday!